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A Repeating Prayer

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Pod 042 to Player
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Repeated Prayers
Written by Yoko Taro
Found in NieR Music Concert
Translated by /u/ilfans
Date of copy October 2, 2017
Source Full translation
Translated from Original Script Book
Discussion [Reddit post]
Several short stories about 2B and 9S taking place before the events of the game.

Original Video with Subtitles

Scene 1: December 29th

2B (narration): Everything that lives is designed to end.

2B (narration): We are perpetually trapped ...

2B (narration): ... in a never-ending spiral of life and death.

2B (narration): Is this a curse?

2B (narration): Or some kind of punishment?

2B (narration): I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle ...

2B (narration): ... and wonder if we'll ever have the chance to kill him.

(December 29th.)

(9S speaks while struggling painfully.)

9S: Damn ...! 2B, why?! Why did you ...!

Pod 153 (narration): A wide, white sword penetrates 9S's stomach.

Pod 153 (narration): As delicate, red blood drips down him.

(2B hides her pained feelings.)

2B: You attempted to access highly confidential information ... therefore ...

9S: B-But ... 2B ... T-Trust ... me ...

Pod 153 (narration): 9S's vital signs begin to fade.

Pod 153 (narration): Heart rate decreasing, body temperature declining, motor functions failing, pupils dilating.

Pod 153 (narration): As every one of his parameters breaks down, he chokes out his final words.

9S: I-It hurts ... It ... h-hurt ... s ...

(His heart stops, and there is the sound effect of a flatline beep.)

2B: Kh ... ngh ...

(Unable to bear it, 2B begins to cry.)

Pod 153: Pod 153 to 2E.

Pod 153: Proposal: Delete 9S's personal data and reinstall default personal data.

2B: This is ... too much ...

Pod 153: YoRHa unit No.2 Type E.

Pod 153: Unit 9S's actions of obtaining sensitive information from the Bunker were within the predictions.

Pod 153: Model No.2 Type E's duties include the punishment of such actions. 

Pod 153: No.2 Type E should have understood that this mission's outcome was already determined, and acted accordingly.

Pod 153: Question: Requesting current status of unit No.2 Type E, who, despite the predicted events, has yet to complete the given mission.

2B: Shut up already ...

Pod 153: In addition, emotions are prohibited for YoRHa units.

Pod 153: Proposal: Halt the expression of emotions, terminate unit 9S's current personal data, and reinstall —

2B: I told you to shut up!

(2B becomes enraged.)

(While breathing heavily, 2B murmurs.)

2B: 9 ... S ...

Scene 2: April 6th

(9S and 2B's respective monologues.)

(9S speaks in his usual, cheery tone.)

9S: My name's 9S ... YoRHa unit No.9 Type S.

9S: Us Scanner models make use of our abilities in order to gather information on certain areas, as well as obtain data on our enemies, the machine lifeforms.

9S: Sometimes we make use of our hacking abilities, too, but combat's never really been our forte.

9S: We usually work alone, though.

9S: But even so, we're able to be useful to the rest of our fellow YoRHa units ...

9S: Or, that's what I like to think.

(2B speaks with a cold tone.)

2B: My name is 2B. YoRHa unit No.2 Type B ... is the name I'm operating under.

2B: Type-B models specialize in combat. We're a type of unit deployed to the front lines whenever an intense battle breaks out.

2B: As a result, we feel nothing at the thought of throwing our lives away. That's ... just how we were created.

2B: ... I wouldn't hesitate for even a moment to give my life in battle.

2B: But ... After meeting, you, 9S ... I ...

9S: After being partnered with 2B, I've had to fight a lot more often than I used to.

9S: She just gets into more and more dangerous situations all the time!

9S: Just watching her makes me nervous!

9S: As a Scanner model, I'm only able to equip one type of weapon at a time, so it's not easy for me.

(9S begins to look a little happy.)

9S: ... But even if it's hard, I'm just happy to be by her side.

9S: I'm ... not alone anymore.

9S: It almost feels like ... I have a family.

2B: They knew even from the design stages that the 9S model's observational skills would be exceptionally high.

2B: So they had already foreseen that he'd someday attempt access to Project YoRHa's confidential data.

2B: My official designation is ... 2E. No.2 Type E.

2B: From the moment 9S gains illegal access within the Bunker, it becomes my duty to carry out his execution.

2B: It's a duty that I must repeat ... over, and over ... without end.

(9S's voice becomes calmer.)

9S: I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel something special towards 2B.

9S: But that sort of thing isn't allowed for us YoRHa troops.

(2B, with a hint of pain in her voice.)

2B: Over and over ... I continue to kill 9S with my own hands.

2B: And every time, it feels like a void within me deepens.

2B: I wonder ... if it's okay for me to hope ...

9S: For the day ...

2B: For the day ...

2B and 9S: When my sins can be forgiven.

(The sound of a heartbeat stopping, and a flatline beeping.)

Pod 153: Unit 9S's death and deletion of current personal data confirmed.

Pod 153: Memory banks completely eliminated. Beginning installation of default personal data ...

Scene 3: January 18th

(9S is seen investigating something.)

9S: So, uh ... I guess this is the commercial facility.

2B: Yeah.

9S: Seems like the people of the old world were able to get a lot of shopping done here.

9S: And even if they didn't buy anything, they still had a good time just looking at everything.

9S: According to the records, they referred to that as "window shopping".

9S: Man, humans sure are weird creatures.

9S: Hey, why don't we try it someday? Window shopping.

2B: We're soldiers created solely for the purpose of fighting. We don't need useless things like shopping.

9S: Once we eradicate the machine lifeforms, us soldiers won't have anything left to do. We'll enter a new age of peace.

9S: I'm talking about for when that happens.

9S: I bet it'll be fun!

2B: Hmm... When that day comes ... I'm all for it.

9S (narration): That's what she said, as she turned her back to me and began walking.

9S (narration): Almost like she was embarrassed or something.

9S (narration): Almost ... like she was sad.

9S (narration): Later, we spent a day fishing together in the Flooded City.

9S (narration): Well, we were actually investigating some marine resources, but we couldn't manage to catch the fish we needed.

9S (narration): There wasn't a lot of talking. We just ... spent the day fishing, watching the gentle waves in front of us.

9S (narration): The salty, humid wind blew against us.

9S (narration): The surface of the water sparkled brilliantly.

9S (narration): I remember all those little details, even now.

9S (narration): But the memory that sticks out to me the most happened in the City Ruins.

9S (narration): It was right after we'd finished our current mission. 

9S (narration): I went and provoked a wild boar, and it ended up chasing the two of us around the whole rest of the day.

9S (narration): We didn't have any information on creatures that were more powerful than the machine lifeforms we were always fighting, so we had to retreat to the top of a building to get away from it.

9S (narration): And while we talked about whether the collection of data for wild boars should take priority over the collection of data for machine lifeforms,

9S (narration): we sat atop that ruined building, covered in plant life, 

9S (narration): looking out over the rest of the city.

9S (narration): Plant and animal life has increased since the Old World.

9S (narration): But some things haven't changed at all, like the smell of crisp air, or the sound of rain.

9S (narration): But those are all just a part of my ... most precious memory.

9S (narration): We went around to a whole bunch of places together.

9S (narration): Er, for our missions, of course. Not for fun.

9S (narration): We were always running into some sort of trouble, like intense fights with huge machine lifeforms.

9S (narration): But for me, the memories that stuck with me the most weren't the ones having to do with those battles, but instead ... they were just the ones where 2B and I spent our time doing insignificant things.

(9S looks a bit lonely.)

9S (narration): Those memories ... are going to disappear soon, like all the rest.

9S (narration): Along with my personal data.

9S (narration): But "this" me ... is just happy to have gotten to spend those days with you.

9S (narration): Goodbye ... 2B.

(The sound of a heartbeat stopping, and a flatline's beep.)

(January 18th.)

Pod 153: Unit 9S's death and deletion of current personal data confirmed.

Pod 153: Memory banks completely eliminated. Beginning installation of default personal data.

2B: I see ...

(There's a small pause.)

Pod 153: Because unit 9S continuously carries out illegal access to confidential data, he must be terminated repeatedly.

Pod 153: However, during this confrontation, there was little resistance detected from unit 9S.

Pod 153: Further, according to his memory banks, he was aware of unit 2B's true designation as an Executioner model.

Pod 153: Question: Why did unit 9S not resist?

2B: 9S ... knew that I was ... an Executioner model?

(2B laughs, though it's full of sorrow.)

2B: Hah ... hahahah ...

2B: Pod 153, you ...

2B: You could never understand 9S ...

Pod 153: Negative: This is the tactical support unit assigned to unit 9S.

Pod 153: This unit is with him during operational hours, as well as during maintenance.

Pod 153: This unit is also responsible for reporting when he accesses the Bunker's data illegally.

Pod 153: It can be inferred that this unit is aware of all information regarding unit 9S.

Pod 153: Therefore, the claim that this unit "could never understand 9S" is inappropriate.

2B: You don't know a single thing about 9S.

2B: You ...

(2B speaks with a lonely tone.)

2B: And me both ...

Scene 4: February 4th

(2B is crying, in pain.)

2B: No ... Enough already ...

Pod 153: Proposal: Unit 2B should carry out her assignment.

(The sound of a heartbeat stopping, and a flatline's beep.)

2B: I don't want to kill him anymore ...

Pod 153: Negative: Unit 2B's assignment is still in effect.

Pod 153: The Commander has already denied the mission cancellation request submitted 64 hours ago.

(The sound of a heartbeat stopping, and a flatline's beep.)

2B: Why ... do I have to ...

Pod 153: Report: Unit 2B was modeled after a YoRHa test model who was the last surviving member of her group.

Pod 153: Unit 2B was chosen due to her ability to adapt to harsh environments as well as her combat capabilities.

2B: I'm not suited for this mission at all ...

Pod 153: Negative.

2B: Someone ... help me ...

(Pod 153 begins repeating itself as if it's broken.)

(Behind the pod's voice, the sound of a flatline beep can be heard.)

Pod 153: Negative ... Report: Proposal: Destruction: Order: Punishment: Humanity: Moon: Fiction: Machine: Boy: Conviction ...

(2B shouts as though to block out the pod's voice.)

2B: Nines!!

(There is a long pause.)

9S (narration): Us YoRHa units ... only exist to be destroyed.

9S (narration): Over and over, we die, and we're just reborn again.

9S (narration): A lot like cycle of life and death that living creatures have.

(9S now speaks with some worry in his voice.)

9S (narration): ... But, why does my chest always feel so heavy?

9S (narration): How come every time I lose my life, I end up feeling like something important was taken from me?

9S (narration): Hey, 2B ... Will I ever be able to see you again?

9S (narration): Why does losing my current self ...

9S (narration): ... make me feel so lonely?

(There's a long pause.)

2B (narration): Us YoRHa units ... only exist to destroy.

2B (narration): In order to recapture Earth and restore humanity, I'll harbor no regrets.

2B (narration): Even if ... I must kill my fellow androids.

(2B now speaks with some worry in her voice.)

2B (narration): But killing 9S like this, over and over ...

2B (narration): It feels like I just keep staining my heart with more and more dirtied blood ...

2B (narration): And no matter how much I try to wipe it off, it won't disappear.

2B (narration): The heaviness of 9S's words just keeps getting worse ...!

(Despite how much she wants to speak with honesty, she shuts her feelings inside herself.)

2B (narration): ...

2B (narration): ......

2B (narration): Hey ... 9S ...

2B (narration): I wonder ... Were the choices I made wrong ...?

(February 4th.)

(The continuous beeping sound of an error.)

9S: Gah ... Ahhhh!

(9S appears to be suffering, on the verge of death.)

2B: 9S ... Nines!

(Still suffering, his breathing becomes rough.)

9S: Hah ... hahaha ...

9S: So you ... finally called me Nines ... at the very end, huh ...

2B: Why ... Why did you activate your own self-destruction ...?! If you do that, your personal data will ...

Pod 153 (narration): Due to a self-administered physical virus, 9S's body began to collapse on itself. 

Pod 153 (narration): His hair, his fingertips, his arms ... They all felt the intense pain of decomposition.

9S: ... It's okay ... 2B ... You were assigned to — to kill me ... weren't you ...?

9S: I-I knew ... How much it hurt you ... to have to do this ...

Pod 153 (narration): The hand he was attempting to stroke 2B's cheek with no longer existed.

9S: I-If it's for you, 2B ... I — I'd easily ... throw my life away ...

Pod 153 (narration): He attempted to squeeze even the smallest bit of hope out of his collapsing body.

2B: Nines ... How could you ...

(9S, in immense pain, attempts to tell 2B his final words.)

9S: 2B, I ... N-No ... YoRHa unit No.9 Type S ...

9S: ... h-has been truly honored to fight by the side ... of unit No.2 Type B.

9S: M-May your future battles shine brightly ...

2B: Ni ... ne ...

(2B can't even form words.)

9S: 2B, I — I have ... a final request ...

9S: If you and I meet again, I ... I want you to kill me. P-Promise?

(2B can only let out sounds of agony.)

9S: Hahah ... You sure are kind ... 2B ...

Pod 153 (narration): 9S's voice began to fade.

9S: The towns, amusement parks, and oceans ... we saw together ... I'll never forget them ...

Pod 153 (narration): His eyes no longer hold any light within them.

9S: Thank you ... for being with me, 2B ...

(The sound of a heartbeat stopping, and a flatline's beep.)

(9S breathes his final breath.)

(2B moans in grief.)

2B: I ... I ...

2B: Nines ... I'm sorry ... I'm so sorry ...

(Everyone raises their heads.)

Pod 153 (narration): Everything that lives is designed to end.

Pod 153 (narration): "They" are perpetually trapped ...

Pod 153 (narration): ... in a never-ending spiral of life and death.

2B (narration): Even if the pain of killing 9S is the sin I must bear.

9S (narration): Even if the joy of meeting 2B is my reason to live.

2B (narration): I'll still resist.

9S (narration): I'll keep fighting.

2B and 9S (narration): Even if that means ...

2B and 9S (narration): Going against God.