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A Short Story

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A Short Story
Book Cover
Official Release Date October 24, 2017
From Square Enix
Written by Eishima Jun, Yoko Taro
Language Japanese
Pages 318

This book is a collection of medium and short-length stories written by Eishima Jun and Yoko Taro, supervised by Yoko Taro.

New Stories

Emil's Recollection

This story covers the events of the game from Emil's perspective

Read it here: Emil's Recollection

YoRHa Ver. 1.05

A 130-page long novellization of the YoRHa Stage Play script.

Previously Printed Stories

The Flame of Prometheus

Read about it here: The Flame of Prometheus

Orbital Bunker Observation Diary

A story about life in the Bunker, taking place most likely shortly before the game events.

Read it here: Orbital Bunker Observation Diary

Memory Thorn

A story about one of 2B and 9S missions together. Takes place after Memory Cage novel and before the game's events.

Read it here: Memory Thorn

A Much Too Silent Sea

A story about YoRHa android 10H on an underwater facility. Takes place before Route C.

Read it here: A Much Too Silent Sea

Small Flowers

A story about one machine lifeform and a flower. Takes place before the game's events.

Read it here: Small Flowers


The book has illustrations by Itahana Toshiyuki.

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