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==== What to expect next from [[The Ark]]? ====
==== What to expect next from [[The Ark]]? ====
''Read: '''[[The Ark Roadmap]]'''''
''Read: '''[[The Ark Roadmap]]'''''
==== Why do we need another wiki site? ====
There are two "popular" NieR Automata wikis: [http://nier.wikia.com/wiki/NIER_Wiki Wikia] and [http://nierautomata.wiki.fextralife.com Fextralife]. Both of them are moderated by unknown people and have questionable content and copyright choices. Reddit wiki engine is very limiting in its features, its pages are hard to edit and maintain.
[[The Ark]] is meant to be one-stop for anyone who just finished NieR Automata and wants to dig into its extensive lore.
==== Why can't I edit pages? ====
==== Why can't I edit pages? ====

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I just got Ending E, where do I go now?

Read: I just got Ending E

I have story/lore related questions, what should I do?

Read: Lore FAQ

What are side/supplemental materials?

Read: Side Materials

Is everything canon?

Yes, everything is canon. Stories are mostly written by Yoko Taro or supervised by him.

What to expect next from The Ark?

Read: The Ark Roadmap

Why can't I edit pages?

This site is not a public wiki and user registration is closed. If you want to contribute, please read this page: Contribute

I want to leave a suggestion or found a factual mistake. What to do?

Please leave all your suggestions in the comments to this /u/wesStyle

Who is running this website and why there are no ads?

/u/wesStyle(Admin): The costs to run this site are relatively low and I will not use any form of monetization or ask for donations.