We have a Lore FAQ page. If you have Story/Lore related questions - make sure to check it out!

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I just got Ending E, where do I go now?

Read: I just got Ending E

I have story/lore related questions, what should I do?

Read: Lore FAQ

What are side/supplemental materials?

Read: Side Materials

Is everything canon?

Yes, everything is canon. Stories are mostly written by Yoko Taro or supervised by him.

Why can't I edit pages?

This site is not a public wiki and user registration is closed. If you want to contribute, please read this page: Contribute

I want to leave a suggestion or found a factual mistake. What to do?

Please message all your suggestions to /u/wesStyle

Who is running this website and why there are no ads?

/u/wesStyle(Admin): The costs to run this site are relatively low and I will not use any form of monetization or ask for donations.