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NieR Automata Dinner Talk Show

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NieR:Automata Dinner Talk Show
Dinner Talk Show.png
Screenshot from a live stream
Date held May 3, 2017
Language Japanese
Spoiler-Heavy NieR Automata Dinner Talk Show that was live streamed on NicoNico.

Full Video with English Subtitles

Pod 042 to Player
Query: The content of this section is posted with author's permission. Date of copy: October 5, 2017. Source: [Reddit post] by /u/komasanzura . Proposal: Please visit source link to support the author.

Please remember to turn on CC for subs on YouTube!

Less-preferable hardsub (the subs that overlap don’t display properly) backup on GDrive here. Random notes:

  • There may be a couple less-than-appropriate jokes about our beloved characters. If you don’t like it, just close one eye.
  • If anyone can get a screenshot of what the question at 1:43:02 is talking about I’d appreciate it because I really have no idea.
  • 9S’s voice actor gets somewhat sleepy in the later half of the broadcast. Please forgive him ;-; Voice actors don’t get much sleep and he has to wake up really early on weekdays to host a live TV show.


What is this stream about?

  • Questions and answers about the game lore, with some behind-the-scenes talk scattered in between. Also random banter between cast and staff. (If you want to watch only Q&A it starts 31:25 but you’ll skip a lot of fun.)

Can I share this with my friends?

  • Of course. If possible I prefer if you link them to this thread instead of to the video directly. Especially if on social media like Twitter.

Why translate this?

  • Honestly just thought it was a really fun and informative stream that everyone should watch at least once and it was a pity that many people couldn’t understand it.

Why now?

  • When I started out subbing this at the end of May, it was because I had a fair bit of free time, but that didn’t last long. There were several occasions that I couldn’t work on it for a couple weeks at a time. I know the initial hype is over but I wanted to finish it so here we are.

Translation accuracy?

  • I did most of the reactions and idle talk quickly but I paid particular attention to when Yoko-san was giving answers to questions about the game. That said I’m not a professional translator and am doing this for fun. Do let me know if you spot mistakes. The asterisks at the end of a few lines are the ones I really couldn’t make out/was unsure of what the person was saying.
  • Softsubs?

f there is demand for this I will upload/PM it after a week or so has passed. At the moment I want to leave it as an unlisted YT video so that if I get any corrections I can update it easily.

  • Why is the video faded out at the end?

After that point it was straight-up advertising for the NieR music concert and the DLC, which I don't think is needed and most people would definitely skip it. There’s also a “premium” extra 20 minutes beyond that for picking up viewer comments but as it required a paid subscription to Niconico to watch I don't want to go there.

Text Summaries

Various Summaries #1

Code: 2B while hacking
  • Operators veils are microphones
  • Pod 006 name: "God created Heaven and Earth in six days"
  • When 21O was telling 9S that they are going to increased his unit production, YoRHa was going to produce more 2B and 9S as a set since they were so effective and 2B was so good at her job :/
  • Parts of 2B's skirt and 9S pants are used for heat radiation and wearing them allows heat to escape. This was subsequently put into recent SINoALICE collab
  • Pods talking to the player at the end of ending E (and when Accord peers at the screen at the end of DOD3) has a legitimate meaning to it but it is a secret, something that can't be said. Is "Thank you very, very much" related to Manah's line from DOD? - It's on purpose.
  • Ishikawa was first picked for 2B role. For 9S, Taro wanted then to find someone who represents something in-between brother and father Nier.
  • Taro was asking each voice actor what their character thought about humanity. Ishikawa said that 2B wanted to do with 9S things which people used to do. Like, buy a T-Shirt. Others suggested matching ones.
  • More about Type-40 Lance weapon story . North 12C Defense HQ wasn't annihilated during the events of the weapon story. There was a certain bug that occurred there. And why that bug came about is currently a secret. -"But the "repeating cycle" that the pods and others often speak of, is that a keyword?" -"Yes. Well, it does serve as a hint" -"Well, there is a little of a complicated story for that" -"By the way, this is also connected to Accord". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • code: 2B while hacking with 9S might or might not be an accident as when hacking was developed there was no 9S in the game yet. It could be UI designer's decision to show 9S feelings to 2B. Saito agrees and laughs.
  • At the very end of the stream, 1:45:52. Taro comments a question about whether Adam and Eve had reproductive organs. He says that he first answered that as a definite yes but later decided that some people might not like it and left it to player's interpretation. But now we know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Various Summaries #2

Pod 042 to Player
Query: The content of this section is posted with author's permission. Date of copy: October 5, 2017. Source: [Reddit post] by /u/TwoSidea. Proposal: Please visit source link to support the author.
  • The blindfolds represents the symbolism of averting your eyes from the truth, same goes for the face veil for the Operators, to not speak of the truth. This also applies to the monochromatic color of the Bunker, which also represents the world of death.
  • The lesser the numerical value of a Pod's name, the wiser they are. Hence, Pod 042 has more knowledge and experience.
  • Why was Adam's Glasses left on the table?

Because Eve picked it up and left it there, after Adam died.

  • During the segment in Route B, where you control a Little Brother Machine, Yokoo thought it would be too easy if you could carry the oil over while jumping, so he purposely made it so you would drop it while jumping.
  • The motion done for the 'Become as Gods' were actually live motion captured, not computer generated. Some other notable examples include the scene where 9S' repeatedly stabs '2B'/Machine Core and the Machine procreation scene.
  • Hanae (9S' seiyuu) played Drakengard 1 when it came out, when he was a elementary grade student.
  • Since 9S keeps finding out the truth, he dies rather often. The fact that he dies often and his memory not being back up most of the time is overlooked by other YoRHa units since it's a rather common thing to happen.
  • Why are the Machines obsessed about having an older brother?

Since the Aliens; their creators, or rather, their parents are gone, they feel empty, a lack of something. So in order to remove the lack of not having a parental figure to rely on, they created something closer to that; an older sibling.

  • 6O died in the Bunker as it exploded. 21O/21B descended to Earth together with the rest of the squadron.
  • Timestamp - 1:07:00 Gonna need some clarification on this Pods can do what they please if the Bunker is not around. Yokoo describes them to be the 'kuromaku' (wire-puller, the one who has been pulling the strings behind everything). (Post ending C/D) If there are any remaining YoRHa units (like 4S), Pods will kill them in order to carry out the next stage of Project YoRHa. This was not explained ingame because there was no need to. the more you know
  • The doves in ending E are not related or have correlation to the ones in Drakengard 3. Lunar Tear flowers and the flower within Zero (DOD3) aren't related either.
  • The reason why Yuuki Aoi was casted as Pascal. She's Taura's favourite seiyuu.

Taura: If Yuuki Aoi is not in the game, I won't finish making it!

  • (Yokoo) while writing the script for the concert's recitals, he didn't cry, but he did when he watched it being performed by the seiyuus.
  • The Bunker's Maintenance shop's unit is called 801S (read in Japanese as ya-o-i S), not sure if this part was intended to be a joke or not making him one of the latest models. (Retrieve the Confidential Intel subquest) The YoRHa unit that was rebuilt in said quest is called 32S.
  • Timestamp - 1:39:18, Something about 42S which I can't quite understand but it's something that Yokoo says is a secret.
  • While Yokoo is happy that he's receiving so many questions pertaining his works, he would like to leave some unanswered so that the players can make their own theories and what not.
  • While a lot of things can vanish within a millennia, much less the speed ticket under Saito's name. As seen in Nier Gestalt & Replicant, buildings have been more or less destroyed completely. Fast forward into Automata, the Androids try to reconstruct the human world to prepare for the time when humans 'come back' from the Moon, but as they do so, the Machines keep destroying again and again. The ticket is also a product of the reconstruction Since Androids don't know any better, they just try to reconstruct everything.
  • 9S' bag is suppose to hold any sort of equipment but the contents of it is not written anywhere in the game, so if you really want to know, it's just tissues stuffed inside.

Saito: Do Androids even need tissues?!

Yokoo: Well, tissues have a lot of uses. To fuel the fujoshi's dreams

  • Kaine's shack that's found underground was built from scratch by the original Emil at one point, then after that, a copy took care of it. The reason as to why there's so many Lunar Tears in that underground cave is because the original bred it all. The original Emil is still alive.
  • Timestamp - 2:11:58, gonna need clarification on this. 9S finds out 2B's true identity through deduction, he does not seem to retain his old memories. which confuses me because he remembers the prologue in Route C
  • (Take this with a grain of salt, Yokoo says he's improvising this as he explains) E models aren't exactly a secret, like for example 7E who was deployed with 2B in Chapter 1. There are indeed present during mission briefings. Their other purpose is to execute YoRHa units who are damaged by enemies and can't move, to prevent information from leaking into the Machine's hands. In the past, Androids were captured by the Machines and they copied their data. Hence, the E model was developed. Since 9S often goes on solo missions, he does not encounter an E model which are apparently deployed in grouped missions. Because of this, 9S is not aware of the existence of E models.
  • When the announcement was made for the recent concerts (Memories of the Dolls), which I assume was roughly back in December-January or so. This was during the time that the staff and Yokoo especially didn't know whether Automata would do well. The script was decided until the voice actors would arrange their schedule for the concert dates to perform. As soon as they did, Yokoo got to work on the script and improvised by using the voice actors available on said days. As Saito says, Yokoo is talented in digging holes out of a messy situation. The voice actors would sometimes ask him plot-relevant questions, he always replies with "That's a secret.", mostly because, he had not written much (and at the time, had not written the novellas for the world and strategy guides) to answer said question.

Various Summaries #3

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