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NieR Reincarnation x NieR:Automata

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NieR Reincarnation x NieR:Automata
Crossover Art featuring alternate character designs
Crossover event dates

July 28, 2021 - September 7, 2021

February 22, 2022 - March 14, 2022
Collaboration with NieR Reincarnation
Language English
Written by Yoko Taro
NieR Reincarnation's first crossover event contains a 4 part story featuring 2B and 9S. The story takes place sometime before the events of the game.
During the event run, players were able to obtain variants of 2B, 9S and A2 as units for their teams.

Reincarnation also features unique redesigns of the Automata main cast with "divergent" lore.

Record: The Cage of Reincarnation
Crossover Quest Banner

The Cage of Reincarnation - Part 1


Built to protect mankind, two androids fight the machines.
The female is 2B: A powerful warrior who fights on the front line.
The male is 9S: A support unit who aids 2B from afar.
When they fight as one, nothing can stop them.

But 9S has a secret:
He wants to free 2B from her world of undending war
One day, as they pursue yet another enemy, they find themselves making their way through a massive limestone cavern.
Foes attack them and fall, on after the other.
The machines stand no change against them.

The Cage of Reincarnation - Part 2


They proceed deep into the cavern, then deeper still.

Finally, they reach their destination.
The darkness is absolute.
But the moment they step forward, they are enveloped in a brilliant red light.
Only then does 9S realize his mistake.
The enemy has been using electronic camouflage.
There are machine lifeforms here--dozens of them
Suddenly, 2B emits a heartrending scream.
She is infected with a virus--a weapon designed to destroy an android from the inside out
Her eyes begin to glow red.
It is a worst-case scenario, and 9S knows the best thing for him to do is abandon the fight and retreat.
But he refuses to even consider this option.
He will save 2B. He must.
For that is his purpose in life.
In a desperate maneuver, he links himself to her infected mind and begins diving into its deepest, most hidden parts.

The Cage of Reincarnation - Part 3


2B's mind is a maze--a labyrinth.

Finally, he throws open a door and beholds a strange sight.
Flickering memories of himself, all from the perspective of 2B.
He sees himself in a forest of metal.
A frozen ocean.
A boiling desert.
But he remembers none of this.
And all the memories end in exactly the same way:
With 2B killing him.
She does so over. And over. And over.
And over. And over. And over.
But for each death, there is also a first meeting.
Each time, he says,
"People who know me well usually call me Nines."
He says this dozens of times. Hundreds.

The Cage of Reincarnation - Part 4 - Path of Longing


In another part of 2B's mind, 9S locates the virus and disables it.
The enemy stumbles in response to the unexpected counterattack,
and the two take advantage of the situation to escape.
Later, 2B reports the completion of their mission.
As 9S lends his damaged companion a shoulder, he thinks:
Why does 2B kill me? Why are my memories erased?
And why do we always meet again?
The answer eludes him, and he cannot find the words to ask.
So long as he remains in her mind...
So long as a part of him is in her memory...
He doesn't care how many times she kills him.
Their fate is a never-ending spiral, and they cling to its threads
So 9S walks on through the darkness.

Unit and Weapon descriptions

9S [Costumes+Weapons]
A2 [Costumes+Weapons]
2B [Costumes+Weapons]