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Precious Things

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Pod 042 to Player
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Precious Things
Written by Yoko Taro
Found in NieR Music Concert
Translated by /u/ilfans
Date of copy October 3, 2017
Source Full translation
Translated from Original Script Book
Discussion [Reddit post]
Several short stories about 2B and 9S with some taking place before the game and some during it (mostly in the end of Route C).

Original Video with Subtitles

9S Scene 1: 9S

Pod 042 (narration): Everything that lives is designed to end.

Pod 042 (narration): "They" are perpetually trapped ...

Pod 042 (narration): ... in a never-ending spiral of life and death. 

Pod 042 (narration): Is this a curse?

Pod 042 (narration): Or some kind of punishment?

Pod 042 (narration): "They" often think about the god who blessed "them" with this cryptic puzzle ...

Pod 042 (narration): ... and wonder if "they'll" ever have the chance to kill him.

2B (narration): When I met him "that time" ...

2B (narration): it was during our mission to destroy the Goliath-class weapon.

9S: You're 2B, right?

9S: My name's 9S. I'm here to provide support. 

2B (narration): The No.9 Type S model is a high-end model.

2B (narration): And it's because of that there's a constant danger of them coming into contact with confidential information.

2B (narration): That's why I've been tasked with the duty of eliminating him ...

2B (narration): Over ... and over ...

2B (narration): But ... he was different this time.

9S: Scanners like me mostly work alone. Scouting out enemy lines and all that?

9S: I don't usually get a partner. It's kind of fun!

2B (narration): I simply ignored him when he'd speak.

2B (narration): If I were to grow close to him, it'd only become more difficult to kill him.

2B (narration): Even so, he wouldn't stop trying to make conversation with me.

(9S speaks with a bright tone.)

9S: Say, 2B? Don't you think this white flower would look good on you?

2B: I have no need for it.

9S: Aw, are you sure?

2B: Attaching a plant to my hair would do nothing for my combat abilities. Rather, it would more likely cause maintenance failure.

9S: Hahah. Man, 2B, you're way too serious, you know that?

2B (narration): I made a promise with 9S in the past.

2B (narration): A promise that I'd continue to kill him, without fail.

2B (narration): The 9S from back then, and the 9S before me, are two different people.

2B (narration): That fact ... makes my chest tighten.

Pod 042: Pod 042 to YoRHa unit 2B.

Pod 042: Report: Detecting errors occurring within unit 2B's memory region, likely due to unstable psychological state. Proposal: Moderate rest should cause improvement.

2B (narration): I've already been aware of that for a long time ...

2B (narration): But ... the day I'm freed from this pain ... will be the day I die.

Pod 042: Mail notification received from Command.

2B (narration): I wonder if I was afraid.

2B (narration): Or perhaps I was wrong.

2B (narration): Even so, I continued on by his side, without even knowing the name of the emotion I'd been feeling.

2B Scene 2: 2B

9S (narration): 2B and I first met in one of the hallways in the Bunker.

9S (narration): I'd received an announcement from the Commander that I'd be working with a partner this time.

9S (narration): I was ... a little uneasy about it.

9S (narration): Scanner models like me usually work alone. And ...

9S (narration): I'd always gotten the impression that No.2 models were somewhat cold.

9S (narration): So when she said those things to me in the hallway, I was ... kind of surprised.

2B: 9S?

9S: Yeah?

(A short pause)

2B: Thank you.

2B: For uploading my data to the Bunker.

9S: ... Um, I did that? Sorry, I don't remember.

9S: There wasn't a whole lot of bandwidth down there, you know?

9S: I probably only had enough time to back up your memories.

9S: Mine are only intact up to the point just before we rendezvoused. 

2B: ... I see.

9S (narration): Things started out so awkward. At least, until that day ...

9S (narration): It happened after a battle.

Pod 042: Confirming the annihilation of all machine lifeforms in this area.

9S: Whew ...

2B: So we've destroyed every machine lifeform here?

Pod 042: Affirmative: No responses from any machine lifeforms in this area.

2B: Understood.

(9S notices something.)

9S: Huh? Hey, 2B ... did something happen to your right hand?

2B: My right hand ...? Oh, this. I must've injured my finger during the previous battle.

9S: Gah! You're — You're bleeding!

(9S becomes panicked.)

9S: Pod! Get me staunching gel and logic-virus vaccines! Then — uh —

Pod 042: Inadvisable. There is a high probability that excessive treatment will cause a decrease in movement efficiency to the unit ...

9S: Just shut up and do it already!

2B: ... 9S, don't you think you're overreacting?

9S: Huh? Not you too, 2B!

2B: Just leave it. The nano machines will heal it just fine on their own.

9S: Er, I guess so ...

(9S looks a little disappointed.)

Pod 042: Confirmation of mission completion by enemy annihilation.

Pod 042: Recommendation: Report results to Command.

(9S peers over at 2B.)

9S: Um ... 2B?

2B: What is it?

9S: You think we could at least use the staunching gel?

9S: If contaminants enter the blood stream they'll be difficult to remove, and if it's just staunching gel, then it shouldn't cause any problems to your motor functions, so, you know, just in case ...

(2B looks slightly amazed.)

2B: ... All right.

9S: Got it! Then I'll go ahead and prepare it right away!

9S: Now where's that case ...

2B: 9S.

9S: Yeah, 2B?

(A small pause.)

2B: ... Thank you.

(2B seems a little happy.)

9S (narration): I can't remember anymore what my response was when she said that.

9S (narration): Just that I was so happy to be useful to someone.

9S (narration): What was most important to me ... was being together with 2B.

9S (narration): ... At least.

9S (narration): Until the day that YoRHa fell, along with the Bunker ...

Scene 3: Infection

Pod 042 (narration): Large-scale attack ended in failure. The Bunker has collapsed. 

Pod 042 (narration): Black-box signal for YoRHa unit 2B offline. Death confirmed.

Pod 042 (narration): A large "tower" produced by machine lifeforms rose within the city ruins.

Pod 042 (narration): Having lost a place to return to, unit 9S aimed for nothing more than the top of that "tower".

Pod 042 (narration): In order to destroy the machine lifeforms which caused this nightmare.

Pod 042 (narration): And to end himself as well.

(9S is contaminated and is breathing roughly.)

9S (narration): Haah ... Haah ...

9S (narration): I have to ... apply the vaccine ...

Pod 042 (narration): The virus corrodes his body.

Pod 042 (narration): His thought process breaks down.

Pod 042 (narration): Sound recordings found in the flooded city play back in his mind.

(2B is contaminated by the virus, muttering in pain.)

2B: 9S ... The time I was able to spend with you ...

2B: It was like memories of pure light ...

2B: Thank you ... Nine ... s ...

(9S begins crying upon hearing that.)

9S: Ngh ... Ghh ...

Pod 042 (narration): Those memories are his greatest treasure.

Pod 042 (narration): Living together, fighting together.

Pod 042 (narration): They were like a family.

9S: 2B ...

Pod 042 (narration): 9S holds that recording deep within his heart.

Pod 042 (narration): Treating it as if it were truly a treasure.

9S: 2B ... I ... I'll be with you before long ...

Pod 042 (narration): Reality and fiction blend together.

Pod 042 (narration): With clouded consciousness, unit 9S carries himself forward, his legs heavy.

Pod 042 (narration): He'll defeat as many enemies as possible, even if he is alone.

Pod 042 (narration): As if in response to that wish, a new enemy appears.

9S: Khh ...

Pod 042 (narration): Many enemies appear in front of him.

Pod 042 (narration): They're ... androids.

Pod 042 (narration): They're ... YoRHa units.

9S: 2B models?

Pod 042 (narration): The person he treasures above all else.

Pod 042 (narration): Someone who resides in a location out of his reach.

9S: Heh ... Heheheh ...

9S: I'm glad I got to see you here. I truly am.

(9S gives a distorted smile.)

9S: I'll tear you apart ... Every last one of you!

Pod 042 (narration): 9S draws his sword.

Pod 042 (narration): Is this an act of murderous intent? Or is it perhaps done out of love? It's no longer possible to tell.

Scene 4: Treasure

Pod 042 (narration): Contamination from the logic virus is getting worse.

Pod 042 (narration): Nearly 80% of his memory is contaminated, and his thought circuits are severely damaged.

9S: Dammit ... I can't ... remove ...

9S: The vaccine ... it'll no longer ...

Pod 042 (narration): Unit 9S knows that there's only one solution left that could dispel the contamination.

Pod 042 (narration): To lock his personal data and reformat his entire system.

Pod 042 (narration): To throw away all of his current memories, and be reborn anew.

(9S speaks as if in response to the Pod's narration.)

9S: No ... I can't do that ...

9S: No matter how contaminated I become ... I can't lose this memory ...

(9S screams out, suffering.)

9S: If that's my only choice ... then I'm better off dead!

Pod 042 (narration): 9S is fighting with fear itself.

Pod 042 (narration): To have one's personal data contaminated means to lose one's ability to think for themself.

Pod 042 (narration): To androids, that is a fate worse than death.

9S: I am who I am ... because of 2B ...

9S: I have a reason to live ... because of those memories ...

9S: So ... please ... don't take them from me ...

Pod 042 (narration): To him,

Pod 042 (narration): calling her family feels too unreasonable.

Pod 042 (narration): But calling her a lover feels too distant.[1]

9S: Machines ... A2 ... It doesn't matter ... I'll kill every last one of you!

9S: 2B ... I ...

Pod 042 (narration): Within the corners of his eroding consciousness,

Pod 042 (narration): 9S continues to protect his memories of 2B.

Pod 042 (narration): Even if ... his actions are completely meaningless in the eyes of the world.

2B: I am ... No.2 ... Type E. 

2B: I was created to execute my fellow YoRHa soldiers.

9S: I'd already ...

9S: I'd already realized that ...

2B: The mission I had been assigned over and over again.

2B: Was to kill you, 9S.

(9S is crying.)

9S: Stop it ... Enough already ... 2B.

9S: Even if you were trying to kill me, I ...

9S: Being with you, it truly ...

9S: It felt like I'd found a family.

2B: Hey ... 9S?

2B: I wonder ... Were the choices we made wrong?

Pod 042 (narration): Within a pure white tower.

Pod 042 (narration): A small boy walks.

Pod 042 (narration): Suffering. Uneasy.

Pod 042 (narration): Holding within him many small, important memories.

Pod 042 (narration): They're of ... the time the two of them spent together.

Pod 042 (narration): His memories of those days ... were most precious to him.