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SINoALICE: Recollections of the Puppets

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Recollections of the Puppets
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Event art
Event dates August 31, 2017 - September 27, 2017
Collaboration with SINoALICE
Language Japanese
Written by Yoko Taro
A long coming collaboration with SINoALICE. Featuring 2B, 9S, A2 and Emil as character jobs. A story is about 2B and Beauvoir (Simone) happening not long after her boss fight.

Weapon Stories Translations

Pod 042 to Player
Query: Following content is translated by /u/komasanzura .

Virtuous Treaty

  • Even though above all I should have been close by, I don't have a hand that's able to reach out to that person anymore. I wonder where I went wrong. Those words too, don't make a sound.

Translation notes: the first line is proper, and then what looks like jibberish is mixed inside from the 2nd line onwards. The amount of "noise" increases until the last line is all jibberish. Except if you read it backwards! So the 2nd and 3rd lines are untranslatable. Apparently the final line for the story is not only read backwards but also the first and second line should be reversed order.

Pod 042

  • "This machine is attendant support unit 'Pod 042'" The small boxed-shaped machine spoke to me in a robotic voice. To the Pod floating in midair, I give an impersonal response. There are no need for words other than information that is useful on the battlefield.
  • "Recommendation: Prompt destruction of enemy machine lifeforms." The bullets fired from the Pod easily penetrate the enemies' armour. There was not a piece of hesitation in that shooting, and it appeared like it was merciless. Although, this is if he has a sentiment called "mercy" to begin with.
  • "Destruction of enemies confirmed. Marking next destination on the map." In the lingering reverberations of the harsh battle, the Pod's calm voice reaches my ears. Damage is left on the side of the Pod from when he was defending my rear side. "For what purpose did he get damaged?"... I thought about the meaning of that.
  • "Report: Gratitude." Under the warm sunlight filtering through the trees, I casually tried petting the Pod lightly. What I got in response was the usual robotic voice. It was surely my imagination that it seemed somewhat happy.

Pod 153

  • Pod 153: "Report: Discovered cultural asset of the past in the abandoned commercial facility"
    • Pod 052: "Recommendation: Collection of information on humanity obtainable from the cultural asset"
    • Pod 153: "Understood: Performing analysis on the structure of this cultural asset"
    • "Analysis complete. Searching for data related to this cultural asset"
    • "Small communication device loaded with generic purpose OS"
    • "Surmised to be what is commonly called a "smartphone""
    • Pod 042: "Suggestion: Repair of "smartphone""
  • Pod 153: "Report: Repair completed"
    • "Discovered data stored in its memory"
    • "Attempting reconstruction of data..."
    • "Reconstruction of data complete"
    • "Multiple applications confirmed in its memory"
    • Pod 042: "Request: Display the applications' information"
  • Pod 153: "Report: A social game created by humanity"
    • "Implemented an in-app purchase system called gacha"
    • "And it brought forth enormous profit, this report says"
    • Pod 042: "Suggestion: Start up the application"
    • Pod 153: "Understood"
    • "Starting up "SINoALICE""
  • Pod 153: "Warning: Downloading of desires in progress"
    • Gishin: "Hmmmm...?"
    • Pod 042: "Doubt: The notion of "Library""
    • Anki: "Are you sure about summoning us here?"
    • Gishin: "Is the world view going to be okay?"
    • Anki: "Are you going to turn into a Nightmare?"
    • Gishin: "However, we warmly welcome all who fight!"
    • "Welcome to the worst world"

Translation notes: Gishin and Anki are your guide characters in SINoALICE. "Library" is what SINoALICE's world is called. "Nightmares" are living monsters that you use to summon specific skills. "Downloading of desires" is the line you see above the loading bar when the game starts up.

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