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Strategy Guide/Game Chapters Comments

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Pod 042 to Player
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Game Chapters Comments
Printed in Strategy Guide
Translated by /u/Merutan
Date of copy 06.10.2017
Source Full translation
Discussion [Reddit post]
Previously unknown moments from the game.

Chapter 1

  • 2B felt a surge of emotions upon hearing how happy 9S sounded when she told him that he didn’t need to address her so formally
  • However, she forced herself to suppress those emotions, deeming them unnecessary for the completion of the mission at hand, no matter how much the androids were made in humanity’s likeness.
  • 9S felt no hesitation at all when he took that blow meant for 2B, which he rationalizes as ‘doing what’s best for the mission’ and not due to his emotions. He doesn’t actually remember their past meetings and has no idea why he prioritized uploading her data before his own, but felt strongly compelled to do so anyways.

Chapter 2

  • 9S picks up on the fact that Anemone first addresses 2B as ‘Number 2’, understands that it’s how prototype models were referred to and wonders who Anemone is seeing through 2B.

Chapter 3

  • 9S is quite a bit more shocked by the birth of Adam than he lets on. That’s the first moment where he begins to doubt his own conviction that no matter how much the machines try to mimic humans, they will never be like them.
  • He tries to rationalize it as ‘the machines are mimicking androids (as opposed to humans) because there’s strategic value in mimicking your enemies’, hence his somewhat guided question towards 2B asking her why the machines are trying to mimic androids.
  • The whole thing still weighs heavy on his mind even when 2B tells him there’s no point in thinking about things you won’t understand, but his natural curiosity and desire to understand everything lead him to keep thinking even if he knows he’s following a trail of thought he should be abandoning.

Chapter 4

  • The insights you get into the machine lifeform’s pasts on route B are all memories that 9S sees when he hacks the enemy. In this particular case he sees everything that lead to Beauvoir going mad with the desire to be beautiful, all so she can be noticed by the man she loves.
  • 9S is still trying to write it off as machines fooling around with mimicking love instead of having real emotions, but he’s not sure how convinced he is anymore.

Chapter 5

  • Not a lot of new things, unless you count 9S having an ‘aha’ moment when Adam revealed that he was after the humans. The machine lifeforms are enemies, after all. He shouldn’t be confounded by the so-called peaceful village of Pascal’s.

Chapter 6

  • 9S on the flashbacks of the forest machine lifeforms:
I don’t understand. I don’t understand this foolishness that prompts these creatures to care for a small robot with a metal body that won’t grow in hundreds of years. The same foolishness that leads them to wait for it to grow up, to fight and put their lives on the line.
Why are you all so ridiculous?
Why are you all so dedicated?
Why are you all…
Unlike us…

What were you betrayed by? What do you believe in? And why do you keep fighting? ...former YoRHa squad unit, Attacker No.2…A2.

Chapter 7

  • 9S on his attempt to crack a joke that flew over 2B’s head:

Oh man.

I wonder, when will she finally call me Nines?
Whyyy is she so stubborn?
She’s always soooo serious.
I mean, we’ve gone on all these missions together.
So I think we’ve spent plenty of time together…
Hey, 2B.
Sometimes I don’t really get it.
What we’re fighting for, and who we’re putting our lives on the line for.
What even is ‘life’ to us androids?

Chapter 8

  • 2B gets pretty angry (understatement of the year) the moment Adam reveals the injured 9S. It’s worth noting that most of the text on 2B’s side of the story is a somewhat bland narrative summary of the scenario, but occasionally it breaks away from that. This is one of them where it just goes ‘She’ll never forgive this machine lifeform. Because...he hurt 9S!!”
  • 9S internal monologue during Adam’s taunting:
Adam’s speaks of truth. A far too inconvenient truth for us.
Stop it. Don’t look. Don’t open me up. His tormenting series of words ravage my mind, and I feel as if my entire existence is being violated. The words of despair that Adam whispers at me tore at my body with an even greater pain than my impaled limbs, and I feel my existence being laid bare before him. The pleasure of humiliation and violation a searing pain upon me.
“Emotions are prohibited.”
Just because they’re prohibited, doesn’t mean they’ll just up and disappear by themselves. Right, 2B?
“You do not trust anything.”
“You want to destroy everything.”
“You have lost hope in everything.”
“You want to obtain everything.”
“You want to be loved by all.”
“Emotions are prohibited.”
If I smother these feelings of mine that just won’t go away and hide them deep within my heart, will I get to always be by your side, 2B?
“You’re thinking about how much you want to **** 2B, aren’t you?”
I opened my eyes when released from my imprisonment, and see that she has come to save me. I have never been so thankful for my goggles before. I am so glad that I’m too injured to form proper words. If emotions are only expressed with my eyes and my voice, then this will keep her from finding out. I remain silent. I hid away these filthy thoughts of mine...because humanlike emotions are prohibited.
(Yes, the section about Adam’s mindrape is supposed to be extremely suggestive, because that’s what it is.)

Chapter 9

  • Having discovered the truth behind humanity’s demise, 9S essentially lost all his programmed reasons for fighting. However, he nonetheless takes off into battle because he has one last reason to fight for - to protect 2B and to be at her side.

Chapter 10

  • 9S as he’s being strangled by 2B:
Her hands wrap themselves around my neck.
Feeling your weight on me, feeling the warmth of your hands...my throat is being crushed, slowly but surely.
I’ve lost my voice.
But, I thought…
...that we’re touching each other right now.
Almost as if - I’m directly connected...to...you...

Chapter 11

  • 9S is aware that he is outmatched by A2, who is still a battle model even though she’s a prototype. But he is so overwhelmed with the desire to kill A2 after seeing her kill 2B that he doesn’t even care. Literally his entire thought process at that point boiled down to “You killed someone precious to me so I’ll kill you!”

Chapter 13

  • 9S realizes that despite being a naturally curious unit, he is so overwhelmed by the despair at losing 2B that he isn’t even interested in learning about Devola and Popola’s past anymore. Even though that’s something his past self would’ve wanted to know.

Chapter 14

  • It’s not made explicit what A2’s final decision regarding Pascal is, but given that Pascal shows up in the post-game timeline, it’s safe to assume the ‘canon’ decision is that A2 wiped Pascal’s memories and left him be.

Chapter 15

  • 9S excerpt from the last portion of the soul box:
  • "YoRHa units black boxes are made from machine cores...!? That's impossible! There's no way that's true..."

It feels like my very existence is at risk. Is this just a lie? Or actually the truth? I have no way to confirm this rush of information flowing into me - things I never wanted to know. The more I know, the more I feel myself approaching something darker in nature, overwhelming my existence. But I have no other path to take, so I hacked the final core I reached and found myself in a nondescript area.
"These are...my memories..? But why..."

I am standing in my own memory region. Fragments of my past are reflected on multiple screens. And standing right in the middle of my memory region is...her.
That's right...this is the one place I can meet her.
"2B's data...even if these are memories, I..."

All the surrounding screens are filled with the memories I have with 2B. No matter where I look, she's there. I approach her on unsteady feet. Just as I reached out to touch her, black noise appeared and mercilessly trampled over my memories.
"Stop it...stop it..."
Everything is fading away. Everything I've treasured. They're falling apart. They're being corroded. They're being taken away.
"Stop it!!!!"
I swung my sword at the black shaped humanoid that overtook 2B. I screamed and cried, swinging my sword heedlessly and tearing everything apart.
"Stay the hell out of my god damn memories! These belong to me and me alone! Get away from them!"

The pod warns me of damage to my memory region, but I don't give a damn right now. I don't give a damn right now. I straddled the prone figure and thrust my sword into it. Over, and over, and over again. My screams are not stopping. The thing beneath my body took 2B's form as my stabs drew blood. But she doesn't even smile. She has a blank expression, her body cold like a doll. But the feeling of my sword sinking into her is much too real and vivid.

My crazed screams turn into broken laughter in my throat.
My tears have all dried up. My heart is torn.
I'm breaking.
Only silence remains as the unit beneath me ceased functioning, its core losing light.
That's enough. Let's bring an end to this. To this world...and to me.

Chapter 16

  • Despite having spent time with Pascal and his village and even coming to sympathize with them, A2’s had too much of a past with machine lifeforms killing her comrades to truly change her mind on her duty to exterminate them. Though she hesitated for a split second at the machines begging for her to spare their ‘brother’, she recalled the faces of her dead comrades and made her decision to show the machines no mercy.

Chapter 17

  • 9S encountering the 2B enemy units:
  • Even though he knew it was a trap, 9S kept going up the tower. A childlike voice welcomed him with an innocent announcement, and a number of “enemies” made just for 9S appeared in front of him.
“2B models!?”

2B models that were infected with the virus fell upon 9S in a cascade. 9S laughed as he sliced through them repeatedly. Is he happy? Is he sad? ...he cannot control these waves of emotions within him, these emotions that manifested as unnerving laughter.

“Ha...hahaha…..I’m glad I got to see you here...I truly am. I’ll tear you apart...every last one of you!”

The enemy units took on the form of the person he yearned for. He stabbed them one after another, and pierced their chests with lasers.

“2B….2B…!  Don’t worry….I’m going to kill you now…!”

9S was gradually being infected by the virus. He is no longer capable of rational thought. However, there is one piece of memory he managed to protect. His feelings towards her. Those days with her that he so cherished…
  • A2’s futile attempts at getting 9S to see reason:
  • None of A2’s words got through to 9S. His hatred and sadness made him despair. Facts and truths drove him to madness. Infected by the virus, the only thing left to him are his feelings for 2B.

Ending C

  • After many, many battles, 9S’s core data has been corrupted by the virus. “Alert: Severe virus corruption. Probability of successful deletion extremely low.” “...I think I know a way.” “...the idea under consideration is not recommended.” Though the pod’s words were stiff as always, they had a tinge of gentleness to them for the first time. A2 felt something funny bubbling up inside of her and gave the pod a mellow smile. “You’re not so bad, Pod. You know that?”
It felt like ages since the last time she truly smiled. How long has it been?
After transferring the virus from 9S’s core data, she approached the machine lifeform’s server. She heard the voice of children. The data that the machine lifeforms put into the ark with hopes for the future. Just who has the right to kill them? Who has the right to destroy their futures? A2 whispered words of apology.
“I’m sorry…”
Having lost everything, the tower crumbled away.
The sky is close from the top.
“I never quite realized...how beautiful this world is.”
The floor beneath her feet fell apart, and she felt her own consciousness fading.

“I’m coming, everyone...I’m...coming…”

Even to eyes that were stained crimson from the virus, the sky appeared endlessly blue and beautiful.

Ending D

  • Corrupted by the virus, I feel myself breaking down. These emotions I can’t keep contained overwhelm me and destroy me from the inside out. We’ll all be destroyed one day. We’ll all die one day. So what’s the point of treasuring anything?
“It doesn’t matter. None of this matters!”

I was created to be abandoned. I was left to survive only to be destroyed in the end. And I stayed with her, to kill and be killed. Who should I blame? Who should I hate?

“But if it doesn’t matter...why do I long for humans like this? Why do I desire the touch of something that no longer exists?”
“It’s how we were made. Androids were designed to protect their human masters. Our core programming demands that we-”
“Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Fine then...I’ll just destroy it...hehe...hahaha...if it all goes away, then it’ll solve everything!”
I wanted to be destroyed. I yearned to destroy.
Don’t look at me with the same face as hers! Don’t look at me, don’t look at me, don’t-!

In midst of the battle with their lives on the line, A2 thought she could hear 2B’s voice for a second.
“Take care of...9S.”
She stilled for one moment, and that’s all it took for 9S’s sword to pierce through her chest. The blade sank deep; she coughed blood as she fell.
I want to save you...I really do...even at the cost of my own life...I’ll save at least you.
But that’s what I thought too.

Pulled down by the weight of a falling body, 9S found himself impaled upon A2’s sword. The weight of his own body pushed him down the sword entrusted to A2 by 2B, its edge sinking deeply into his flesh. A2 didn’t even have any strength left to pull the sword out.
Why? Why? Why? Why did everything turn out like this?
Seized by agony, 9S struggled and let his screams echo across the area. Blood from two bodies mingled and pooled around him, bathing his body in warmth. He felt his consciousness fade away into a dark, deep place.

In a world stained white, he felt his functions cease one by one. It’s a bit cold. And a bit scary. Will our souls...disappear? The red girl that appeared in front him told him that they’ve changed their minds. They transformed the cannon meant to attack humanity’s server on the moon into an ark. They intend to send it out after sealing the memories of many machine lifeforms in it.

He saw Adam cradling Eve within the ark. Adam asked him. “Will you come with us?” There was no hatred in his words.

What was he fighting for?
What was he living for?
He doesn’t know the answer anymore.


Summoning up the last of his strength, he managed to squeeze out the words

“                        “

The ark was launched from the tower. Leaving behind a white trail in the blue sky, it departed from the earth. Holding as its cargo the memories of those who have fought for so long, it aimed for somewhere that wasn’t the earth, nor the moon-