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Written by Yoko Taro
Printed in Strategy Guide
Translated by Anon
Date of copy October 6, 2017
Source Full translation
Discussion [Reddit post]
At the end of the book, there is a timeline of the universe events before and after the game's story.
Date Description Details
3627 Establishment of "Human Heritage Investigation Committee" The Human Heritage Investigation Committee is established. As the population of Replicants declined, the loss of Old World buildings and information led to the creation of an organization that would investigate ruins and understand the circumstances.
3631 Establishment of "Human Heritage Reclamation Management Organization" The Human Heritage Reclamation Management Organization is established out of the Human Heritage Investigation Committee. It was formed as an organization to protect, manage, restore, and revive the heritage of the Old World. After the suspension of Project Gestalt, it would assume a role as the de -facto central government of the androids.
4198 "Gestalt" collapses The last of humanity (Gestalts) perishes.
4200 Downward trend in "Android" productivity Android manufacturing factories cease operation one after another. Android numbers gradually decline.
4514 "Independists*" form within the "Androids" Among the "Androids" there appeared "Independists*", individuals who held no loyalty to mankind. They garnered much support. 
4519 Strife caused by "Androids" and "Independists*" breaks out Strife between conservative androids and "Independists*" occurs. This would later be known as the "Independist Strife". After 2 weeks the strife settled down. At the time the Independists had a small population so they emigrated to Australia and declared an independent nation.
5012 July: Attacks by Unidentified Flying Objects July 4th: At various locations around the world unidentified flying objects appeared. Androids who lived all around the world came under an all-out attack. The androids suffered enormous damage against this surprise attack.
5013 "Army of Humanity" is formed. "Combat Model Androids" enters increased production The Androids, who were at a disadvantage, organize the "Army of Humanity". At this point it mostly resembled a unified communication network for the androids spread all over earth, with the Human Heritage Reclamation Management Organization as its core. It would take a hundred years for it to turn into a unified combatant command. During that time the need for increased production of Combat Model Androids was high, so factories were built in various locations.
5024 The "Aliens" begin manufacturing of 'Machine Lifeforms" The "Aliens" conquer North and South America from the "Country of Night". At the same time they began manufacture of a new weapon, the "Machine Lifeform".
5100~ The "Army of Humanity" begins construction of a moon base facility Due to the mass production of machine lifeforms the androids lost territory at a steady pace. The Army of Humanity constructed a lunar storage facility to preserve Old World culture and information about humanity. In addition, construction begins on bases in satellite orbit for use in combat.
5204 Large scale descent operations are carried out by the "Army of Humanity" The Army of Humanity has 12 operational bases in satellite orbit. Large-scale descent operations begin. In just this year alone more than a dozen such operations are carried out, yet they fail to deliver a decisive blow to the machine lifeforms.
6230 The "Army of Humanity" begins fielding a new weapon, "Dragon" In the "Country of Night" a new combat oriented weapon, "Dragon" is manufactured and fielded.
7645 Mysterious explosion at an "Abandoned Factory Site" An abandoned factory site (The Junk Heap) suddenly exploded. A goliath structure emerged and headed toward outer space. The structure's identity is unknown. However, at the time of launch a powerful electromagnetic interference was detected and malfunctions occurred on allied and enemy units alike. Because of this it is believed that the chance of this being an Alien weapon is low.
7645~ The "Machine Lifeform" 's invasion against the "Army of Humanity" takes a downturn For the next few thousand years the machine lifeform's invasion actions decline. The machine lifeform's control of 80% of Earth does not increase further. The army of humanity launches several operations to regain control over various locations but they all end in failure. Moreover, the machine lifeform's numbers continue to grow. 
11000~ A decrease in "Alien" sightings Sightings of alien ships and the aliens themselves decreases.
11306 The "Aliens" go extinct due to an invasion by "Machine Lifeforms" The aliens were driven to extinction by machine lifeforms.
11502 The Floating City "Atlantis" is discovered Near the former equator line in the Pacific Ocean, a large floating city made by machine lifeforms is discovered. It is given the codename "Atlantis" by the Army of Humanity. 2 years later in 11,504 it would suddenly disappear under the waves.
11627 "Behemoth* -class machine lifeform" sighted The "Behemoth -class Machine Lifeform" suddenly appeared from underwater in the East Asian region. It had an overall length of at least 2km (Due to its continuous transformation of forms it was impossible to measure). Upon reaching land, the unit unleashed a powerful electromagnetic wave attack. The androids at the resistance camp and the F3 Escort Squadron on alert, who were within a 10km vicinity, were destroyed. Various androids and machines within a range of a few hundred kilometers suffered malfunctions. The use of nuclear weapons was allowed under an emergency special case but no effect on target was observed. The Behemoth -class Machine Lifeform even attacked friendly machine lifeform units. After a month of battle, it disappeared into the Izu-Ogasawara Trench.
11689 A "Goliath -class Machine Lifeform" proclaims the formation of the independent nation, " The Forest Kingdom" In a woodland, a Goliath -class machine lifeform declares an independent nation. It is called the "The Forest Kingdom".
11732 The "Army of Humanity" launches a Large-scale Resistance Strategy  8th Descent Operation (Another name for the 8th Machine War). The Army of Humanity implements a Large-scale Resistance strategy. It is at this time that "Anemone", part of the android force for this operation, enters the war for the first time. Until the 10th war, everytime a large android force was dropped and a brief decisive battle subsequently happened the name of the war would be taken from the name of the decent operation, but starting from the 11th, due to a shift to a series of long, protracted battles from various descent operations, each descent operation would be given a distinctive operation name.
11810 The satellital orbit base "Kaguya" falls into the atmosphere A large explosion occurs in a research laboratory, which removed cores from machine lifeforms, on the 6th satellital base "Kaguya". Kaguya ceases to function and falls into the atmosphere.
11815 The experimental research facility "Labo" begins operating, replacing "Kaguya". The experimental research facility "Labo" begins operating, as a replacement for Kaguya. Labo primarily carries out development of new anti-machine lifeform weapons.
11817 The first king of "The Forest Kingdom" passes away The king of "The Forest Kingdom" passes away. A successor is manufactured.
11928 A new model powerplant, "Black Box", is completed. A new model powerplant, "Black Box", is completed at Labo.
11932 April: The manufacture of the decisive weapon "YoRHa" is approved The anti-machine lifeform decisive weapon "YoRHa" is approved for manufacturing.
11937 The second king of "The Forest Kingdom" speaks his first words The second king of "The Forest Kingdom" seems to speak his first words.
July: A large fire incident occurs at Labo July 7th: A large fire incident occurs at the satellital orbit base Labo. There were many casualties including a YoRHa unit undergoing experimental trials. A backup of the design data regarding the YoRHa units existed in the Human Server on the moon. Using this data a new unit was remanufactured. (To preserve confidentiality the YoRHa unit was wholly manufactured in an unmanned factory)
September: A "YoRHa unit" becomes operational September 2nd: The first YoRHa unit is manufactured. It is sent to the surface.
11938 September: Satellital orbit base "Bunker" enters construction Construction begins on the 13th satellital orbit base "Bunker".
11939 The 14th Machine War breaks out. The 14th Machine War begins. The war would last for 6 years and would see the greatest destruction, caused by android and machine lifeform alike, done to date.
11940 November: "Bunker" finishes construction Construction of satellital orbit base "Bunker" finishes.
December: "Bunker" enters operational service Commander White assumes her position as the commander of the Bunker and the entirety of the YoRHa forces.
11941 December: The "Pearl Harbor Descent Operation" is carried out December 8th: Pearl Harbor Descent Operation. It was the first combat operation executed by the new model prototype YoRHa squad. The plan was for 16 YoRHa units to gain control of a frontline enemy base at Pearl Harbor and destroy an enemy server at Mount Ka'ala. However, 12 units were lost in orbit during the descent to enemy action. The operation was forcibly continued by the remaining 4 units. In the end, all but one unit who managed to escape were destroyed.
11942 January: 9S is rolled out January 30th 4:25 AM (Bunker Time): 9S is rolled out.
March: YoRHa prototype squad "M002" is formed March 1st: A YoRHa prototype squad consisting of only Male models, "M002", is formed.
May: A coup d'etat breaks out within "M002" May 5th: Within M002 a coup d'etat breaks out. It is crushed 2 days later.
June: "Atlantis" surfaces June 5th: YoRHa units who fled from M002 fused with machine lifeforms and went berserk. They continued to multiply in the Western Pacific. Furthermore, the 400 year old submerged machine lifeform city of Atlantis surfaces. Tens of thousands of network-connected machine lifeforms launch an attack and caused immense damage in the Pacific Region. To counter this an emergency operations center was established on the Bunker. Their top priority mission being set as the subjugation of fused units.
August: Complete destruction of "Fused Berserker units" August 7th 4:00 All: The fused berserk units are assaulted by 10,900 mechanized units of the Android Army Marine Corps' 1st Marine Division with YoRHa Type -E's at their core. After several days of battle, the destruction of the fused berserk units on Atlantis was confirmed.
11943 February: "Massive Goliath -class Machine Lifeform" detected February 14th: The "Massive Goliath -class Machine Lifeform" (Engels) is detected.
August: "Massive Goliath -class Machine Lifeforms" appear in the Philippines. August 3rd: 4 Massive Goliath -class Machine Lifeforms appear in the Philippines. In spite of a counterattack by the Army of Humanity, their weak defense line would be their downfall. Ultimately, 11,345 android soldiers would perish.
11944 August: The "215th Descent Operation" is carried out August 1st: The "215th Descent Operation" is carried out by a YoRHa squad. During this engagement, special machine lifeform types who take in the bodies of their allies are observed. 
11945 February: Evidence of intrusion into the Bunker's network February 10th: There is evidence of a suspicious intrusion into the Bunker's network. The records of this discovery are erased.
March: The "243rd Descent Operation" is carried out (NieR: Automata) March 10th: 243rd Descent Operation. In order to destroy a massive goliath-class machine lifeform in the Abandoned Factroy, 6 YoRHa members on flight units, including 2B, commence their attack.Even with four shot down during descent and one member MIA, the operation proceeds. In the end, the target was successfully destroyed.
April: An Alien signal is detected April 7th: During hostilities with massive goliath-class machine lifeforms that appeared in the Ruined City, the enemy launched a self-destruct attack. As a result, a large sinkhole formed in the Ruined City. At the same time an Alien signal, which had not been picked up in a very long time, was detected.
May: The carrier "Blue Ridge II" is sunk May 2nd: While en route to port to re-supply, the carrier "Blue Ridge II" is attacked and sunk by a Behemoth' -class machine lifeform. To prevent it from reaching ashore all YoRHa units in the vicinity engage it.
June: The "Bunker" falls

A "Tower" rises from beneath the surface

June 26th: The fall of the "Bunker". 2B, Commander White, and many YoRHa forces members perish.

 A "Tower" constructed by machine lifeforms rises from beneath the surface in the Ruined City.

August: A structure from the "Tower" launches to space August 6th: A structure from the "Tower" is launched into space.
September: The "14th Machine War" is declared over September 2nd: The Army of Humanity declares the end of the 14th Machine War.

September 5th: [][][][][][][][][][]REDACTED

September 19th: [][][][][][][][][][]REDACTED

11946 January: The Machine Lifeform Peace faction and Army of Humanity sign an armistice The Machine Lifeform Peace faction, who Pascal used to be a central figure of, formally signs an armistice with the Army of Humanity
12422 September: Black-clad Android sighted September 2nd: An android wearing black clothes is sighted.
12530 Birth of "Nobility" in the "Machine Lifeforms" "Nobles" are formed within the ranks of the "Machine Lifeforms"
12543 Civil war breaks out among the Machine Lifeforms A Machine Lifeform civil war breaks out. Excluding berserk individuals, this is their first internal division.