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YoRHa Boys

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YoRHa Boys Ver1.0 Stage Play
Key art: “Attack the Soul”
Language Japanese
Performance Dates January 31, 2018 - February 4, 2018
Official Twitter @YoRHa_STAGE
Official Website yorha.com

A story about experimental male-only M002 squad.

translated by: /u/komasanzura, Source: [reddit post]

A new stage play that is based on the world view of NieR:Automata. The fight and growth of young boy-type YoRHa members that were newly gathered. This depicts the story of days before the game that has never been told before.


Automated infantry dolls - YoRHa. The M squad that was founded as a test case for male type models. There, it was a place that was like a school for the young boys to train. The story begins when the second batch, including protagonist No.9, joins the squad. The newcomers get used to the school life while interacting with their seniors from the batch before them. However, ones harbouring doubts towards the YoRHa squad begin to appear.

Video with Subtitles

translated by: [email protected] Please read video description


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Blu-Ray Release

Both YoRHa Boys Ver1.0 and YoRHa Ver1.2 will be released on Blu-Ray. There is no additional information availabe regarding release date and disk contents.