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NieR Music Concert: The Memories of Puppets

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Make sure to check I just got Ending E first before proceeding as this page is only a part of the extensive side materials available. We highly recommend following the reading order.

NieR Music Concert
Concert dates April 23, 2017
May 4, 2017
May 5, 2017
August 28, 2017
August 29, 2017
Language Japanese
Official Blu-Ray website Link (Japanese)
Buy/Pre-order official Blu-Ray NA SQEX E-Store
NieR Music Concert is a series of concerts held in Japan and Taiwan featuring live performances of the NieR Automata and original NieR music.

Each of the concerts also featured a unique recital drama performed live by original Japanese voice actors.

Recital Drama

A Repeating Prayer

Concert: Japan, Osaka. April 23, 2017

Several short stories about 2B and 9S taking place before the events of the game.

Read it here: A Repeating Prayer

Project YoRHa

Concert: Japan, Tokyo. May 4, 2017, daytime

A story about prototype YoRHa androids and the creation of the YoRHa project.

Read it here: Project YoRHa

External Links
Name Discussion Author
Translation of original script [Reddit post] /u/RekkaAlexiel

Beasts of Slaughter

Concert: Japan, Tokyo. May 4, 2017, nighttime

A story about A2, and her encounters with 2B and 9S taking place before the events of the game.

Read it here: Beasts of Slaughter

External Links
Name Author
Translation of original script /u/RekkaAlexiel

Precious Things

Concert: Japan, Tokyo. May 5, 2017, daytime

Several short stories about 2B and 9S with some taking place before the game and some during it (mostly in the end of Route C).

Read it here: Precious Things

External Links
Name Author
Self report from the 4th concert /u/TwoSidea


Concert: Japan, Tokyo. May 5, 2017, nighttime

Epilogue after the Ending E.

Read it here: Farewell

External Links
Name Author
Full Video of Recitals with Subtitles /u/Spl3en
Translation of the ending /u/Sppppicy
Translation of the ending /u/RekkaAlexiel

Lies (Pascal)

Concert: Taiwan. August 28, 2017

A story about 2B and 9S exchanging their Pods. Featuring 6O and the story happens not long after her sidequests.

Read it here: Lies (2B/Pascal)

Lies (2B)

Concert: Taiwan. August 29, 2017

The script is mostly identical to Lies (Pascal)

A story about 2B and 9S exchanging their Pods. Featuring 6O and the story happens not long after her sidequests.

Read it here: Lies (2B/Pascal)

Recital Drama Script Books

The original script book for recital drama is extremely limited and was given to people attending the concert as a bonus for ordering tickets from Square Enix E-Store. Because the book was given to people starting from the first Osaka concert and it contained scripts for not yet performed recital dramas, there was a certain hype related to it being leaked. See: NieR Music Concert Script Book leak drama

People attending Taiwan concerts also received the same script books but translated to Chinese.

Original script book contains scripts for all recital dramas held in Japan. Chinese script book also has added scripts for recital dramas from Taiwan concerts.

Another script book which is given as a bonus for pre-ordering concert Blu-Ray features comparison scripts for Farewell as well as scripts for Lies (2B) and Lies (Pascal).

Original Script Book Scans
External Link Discussion Author
Original Script Book Scans Gallery  Translation Project on Reddit /u/Jhei_

Blu-Ray Release

Both concerts on May 5th were live-streamed on NicoNico and recorder "just in case".

Because of the success of the concerts, Square Enix decided to release a Blu-Ray disk with the recording of the nighttime May 5th concert "Farewell".

Along with a full video of the concert, the disk features all recital drama performances (aside from Farewell which is shown in the actual video) in audio form. Disk menu allows to choose any of the performances and listen to them, at the same time watching text displayed on the screen in a similar style to visual novels from the game.

Furthermore, the disk has a PDF file with all of the recital drama scripts which can be also viewed from the disk menu.

Square Enix opened pre-orders for the international release (though E-Store sells it as an import item.) featuring English and Chinese subtitles in September.

International BD release recital drama English translation is not very accurate and its overall quality makes it not worth looking at let alone buying if you already have the original Japanese disk. Here is a gallery of some of the quirks

Blu-Ray disk was released September 20, 2017, and topped Oricon Weekly Overall Blu-ray Charts.[1]

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