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Strategy Guide

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Strategy Guide
Book Cover
Official Release Date Apr 30, 2017
From Dengeki online
Language Japanese
Pages 304
Strategy Guide is a second book released after the World Guide book. Its content is arguably the most important lore-wise.


Memory Thorn

A story about one of 2B and 9S missions together. Takes place after Memory Cage novel and before the game's events.

Read it here: Memory Thorn

A Much Too Silent Sea

A story about YoRHa android 10H on an underwater facility. Takes place before Route C.

Read it here: A Much Too Silent Sea

Small Flowers

A story about one machine lifeform and a flower. Takes place before the game's events.

Read it here: Small Flowers

Ciphered stories

Some pages in the book have stories written with hexadecimal codes.

Story 1

A short story about 9S taking place after Ending A/B.

Read it here: Strategy Guide/Ciphered Story 1

External Links
Name Author
Full translation /u/RekkaAlexiel

Story 2

A short story about Pods going fishing after Ending E.

Read it here: Strategy Guide/Ciphered Story 2

External Links
Name Author
Full translation /u/RekkaAlexiel

Game Chapters Comments

The book features a lengthy re-telling of each of game's chapter with additional characters thoughts. Everything is also illustrated with in-game screenshots.

Note Fun fact: key cutscene screenshots have some of the dialog lines printed in 3 languages: Japanese, French, and English.

Previously unknown moments from the game.

Read it here: Strategy Guide/Game Chapters Comments

Q&A with Yoko Taro

Yoko Taro answering 50 questions.

Read it here: Strategy Guide/Q&A with Yoko Taro


At the end of the book, there is a timeline of the universe events before and after the game's story.

Read it here: Strategy Guide/Timeline


The book features a lot of (concept) art for the game.

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