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Strategy Guide/Ciphered Story 1

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Ciphered Story 1
Written by Yoko Taro
Printed in Strategy Guide
Translated by Anon
Date of copy October 1, 2017
Source Full translation
A short story about 9S taking place after Ending A/B.


Bokura wa tashika ni TSUNAGATTE ita.

We were definitely CONNECTED.


Dakara doki mo ikenakatta.

Therefore (I/we?) couldn’t go anywhere.


Shinshoku sareta, makkura ni natta. Makka ni natta.

(After) being encroached upon, it becomes pitch black. (Then) it turns bright red.


Nagashikomareta, bokura afure, tsunagari, KOWARETA

Pouring in, we overflow; (the) connection (is) BROKEN.


Hito wa katsute sore wo fundo to yonda. Hito wa katsute sore wo aitou to yonda. Hito wa katsute sore wo aijou to yonda. Hito wa katsute sore wo senbou to yonda.

People once called it “rage”. People once called it “sorrow”. People once called it “love”. People once called it “envy”.

人はかつて、これを、  と呼んだ。

Hito wa katsute, kore wo ____ to yonda. (TL note: there is no text in the blank space to translate.)

People once called this “____”.

僕らは貴方になった。 僕のニイチャンは賢かった。本を読んで教えてくれた。 ニイチャン、ニイチャン、ニイチャン、ボク、ココニイルヨ。

Bokura wa anata ni natta. Boku no NIICHAN wa kashikokatta. Hon o yonde oshiete kureta. NIICHAN, NIICHAN, NIICHAN. BOKU, KOKO NI IRU YO.

We have become you. My (OLDER) BROTHER is clever. (He) learned a lot from books. (TL note: clearly refers to Adam) BROTHER, BROTHER, BROTHER, I AM RIGHT HERE!

侵食されて、光が溢れた。 流し込まれて、僕らは溢れ、繋がり、メザメタ。

Shinshoku sarete, hikari ga abureta. Nagikomarete, bokura wa abure, tsunagari, MEZAMETA.

(After) being encroached upon, the light overflowed. Poured into, we overflowed, (the) connection (has) AWAKENED.

僕らは貴方になった。 僕の2Bがそこにいた。 2B、2B、2B、ボクハココニイルヨ。

Bokura wa anata ni natta. Boku no 2B ga soko ni ita. 2B, 2B, 2B, BOKU WA KOKO NI IRU YO.

We have become you. My 2B is over there. 2B, 2B, 2B, I AM RIGHT HERE!

アカイキオクが塗り潰されていく。 ニイチャン、2B、ニイ、2B、2ニBィ、チャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャチャ

AKAI KIOKU ga nuritsubu sarete iku. NIICHAN, 2B, NII, 2B, 2NIBI, CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA…

The RED MEMORIES are being blotted out. Brother, 2B, brother, 2B, 2broBther, ther ther ther ther ther …

ポッド042よりポッド153へ。 報告:9Sの自我データ、再構成100%を確認。バンカーへのデータアップロード完了。60秒後、本機械生命体のボディを廃棄する。 推奨:これより85秙後、レーザーにて本機械生命体を含む、周囲の機械生命体パーツをすべて破壊。

PODDO 042 yori PODDO 153 e. Housoku: 9S no jiga DATA, saikousei 100% wo kakuni. BANKAA no DEETA APROODO kanryou. 60 byou ato, hon kikai seimei-tai no BODI wo haiki suru. Suishou: Kore yori 85 ??? ato, REEZAA nite hon kikai seimei-tai wo fukumu, shuui no kikai seimei-tai PAATSU wo subete hakai. (TL note: the unknown kanji 秙after “85” appears to be an OCR error but was most likely a time unit.)

POD 042 to POD 153. Information: 9S’s personality data reconstruction is 100% verified. Bunker data upload complete. After 60 seconds, (this?) primary mechanical life-form’s body will be abandoned. Recommendation: 85 (seconds?) after that, all machine life-form parts in the surrounding area, including (the) primary machine-life form, should be destroyed by laser.

ポッド153よりポッド042へ。 了解。

PODDO 153 yori PODDO 042 e. Ryoukai.

POD 153 to POD 042. Agreed.