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YoRHa Stage Play

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YoRHa Ver1.2 Musical
Key art: "Kill Life”
Language Japanese
Performance Dates (Ver1.2) February 9, 2018 - February 13, 2018
Official Twitter @YoRHa_STAGE
Official Website yorha.com

A story about Pearl Harbor Descent Mission and A2 (Number 2).

YoRHa Ver1.2 Musical

translated by: /u/komasanzura, Source: [reddit post]

The third performance of the stage play that formed the basis for "NieR:Automata." This depicts the fate of young girls thrown into the experimental squad YoRHa. In regard to the two performances in the past, this time the content is reborn to match with the music as the focal point.


In the distant future, with the invasion of machine lifeforms on Earth, mankind escapes to the moon. At the defence base that exists in orbit, androids take the place of mankind to fight the invaders. In the 14th descent mission, the experimental squad YoRHa took a bigger hit than expected and is annihilated with exception of four units... However, these YoRHa units, that meet up with the Resistance members that had continued resisting while remaining on Earth, respond to command's cruel fate and attempt their battle to the death with machine lifeforms.


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YoRHa Ver1.0-1.1 Stage play

Original stage play directed by Yoko Taro.


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Blu-Ray Release

Both YoRHa Boys Ver1.0 and YoRHa Ver1.2 will be released on Blu-Ray. There is no additional information availabe regarding release date and disk contents.