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I just got Ending E

From The Ark: NieR Automata Lore
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If you are here for the first time and have no clue on what all of this is, then you should know that Yoko Taro is known to use different kinds of media besides video games to tell his stories.

For example, NieR Automata story is a direct continuation of a YoRHa Stage Play (which is shortly summarized in the game to in a form of a visual novel).

After the game came out, several books were released that included novellas, short stories and other bits of lore. There also was a series of live music concerts (NieR Music Concert) featuring different recitation dramas performed by original Japanese voice actors on stage. We generally call all of these "Side Materials". Square Enix never officially published anything outside of Japan so huge thanks goes to our fellow fans for translating everything.

Various Side Materials take place before the game's events, during the game and also feature a small epilog after the Ending E.

The suggested reading order below is your best way to experience the extended story, it also includes interviews and Q&A sessions with Yoko Taro. Keep in mind that stories in the list are not in a strict chronological order. For a list of all stories with an ability to sort by relative timeline, check out Stories Catalog.

Please take your time and prepare for the feels yet again.

Suggested Reading Order

  1. Make sure that you are finished with the game by checking out In-Game Materials. You can also grind for Ending Y (a secret boss fight) and try out DLC
  2. Character Entries from World Guide
  3. Memory Cage
  4. Orbital Bunker Observation Diary
  5. Memory Thorn
  6. Record: The Cage of Reincarnation
  7. A Much Too Silent Sea
  8. Small Flowers
  9. Game Chapters Comments
  10. NieR Automata Dinner Talk Show
  11. NieR Music Concert
  12. Yoko Taro Q&A for Dengeki Playstation
  13. Black Box Edition Artbook
  14. Strategy Guide/Timeline
  15. Famitsu Weekly NieR Automata Special Feature
  16. A Long Story
  17. SINoALICE: Recollections of the Puppets
  18. YoRHa Boys Stage Play
  19. YoRHa Stage Play/Musical
  20. Localization Differences
  21. Lore FAQ

Everything else: Side Materials, Interviews, etc.