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Song of a Broken World/ Weight of The World (Japanese)

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English Translations
More literal/correct /u/CanonDm
More poetic /u/GALM-1-

While initially taken as coming from 9S perspective, various side materials as well as song themes make for a very strong argument about the song being about 2B.

There are 2 main arguments on why the song is about 9S.

  • The song fully plays only during Ending B credits. Since we played as 9S during Route B, it is logical to assume that the song is about him. However, right after showing a “Route C trailer” the game suddenly switches back to 2B and you can run around Bunker and meet 9S in the background while the credits and the song still plays.
  • The song lyrics in Japanese use a pronoun “boku” which is primarily used by males. However, it is definitely not unheard of (although uncommon) woman using such pronoun in songs instead of the usual “watashi” for reasons other than the song being from a man’s perspective. For example, it could be done for artistic reasons since “boku” has 1 less syllable in it.

Everything else including the actual lyrics, the tone of the song as well as a mention of “promise/oath”, “atone”, “depth of sins”, “curse” are all screaming about 2B, not to mention the singer crying at the end.

Furthermore, SINoALICE Collaboration story has a lot of references to a "wish".

There are also some similarities with the English version (which was written separately and is not a direct translation by any means) like plurals usage in the chorus.

A shorter version of the song was played after Precious Things at NieR Music Concert: The Memories of Puppets. In the background, there is a video of 2B and 9S standing in the Bunker and looking in a window. The camera slowly centers to 2B. Then Moon is shown with the camera slowly coming away from it towards the end.